To embrace each child's individuality and to nurture and educate a child to their full potential. At Crafting Minds Montessori, children have ample opportunity to practice burgeoning skills to the extent they feel is necessary. Nature instills in the preschoolers a strong desire to repeat an activity over and over. With each activity, new observations are discerned; stronger physical and mental muscle develop; concentration appears; and with heightened concentration learning takes place naturally.


  1. Help children to be confident and empathic
  2. Respect others and environment around us
  3. Help children grow socially, emotionally and academically
  4. Provide child centric education and exposure to early education

Why Home Montessori?

  1. Low student to teacher ratio allows more 1 on 1 time with each child
  2. Structured activities and education in home environment
  3. Easy transition for children

About the program

Our school offers Montessori education for preschoolers to kindergartners. We have a growing library for our students to enjoy. Our outdoor environment provides daily opportunities for play and social interaction. In order to ensure a well-rounded program, our classrooms offer music, Spanish, art, and Yoga.


  1. To assist the child’s adaptation to culture
  2. To encourage self-expression and independence
  3. To give opportunities for participation in work with small groups
  4. To develop the appreciation of spoken language
  5. To assist the student in putting his/ her thoughts into words
  6. To reach the ultimate goal of reading, writing, and comprehension
  7. The Montessori language curriculum is a well-rounded program. It enables children to effortlessly master the complex task of reading and writing, by encouraging the natural desire to read, write and communicate. An environment rich in vocabulary exposes them to familiar and unfamiliar terminology. Matching, sorting, categorizing, and patterning exercises develop visual discrimination and spatial skills


  1. To inculcate logic, order, and precision
  2. To introduce the child to abstract mathematical concepts
  3. To develop an association of quantity and symbol (name and number recognition)
  4. To develop the concept of a sequence of number – cardinal and ordinal
  5. To concretely experience the formation of complex numbers (1-9000)
  6. Through a multi-sensory approach, experience the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  7. Application of mathematical concepts in daily life
  8. To introduce concepts of geometry, measurement, and logic
  9. The Montessori math materials are aesthetically appealing, precise, and simple. Through active hands-on manipulation, complex mathematical concepts, exploration of numbers, and problem-solving skills are developed. The practical life and sensorial areas lay the foundation for mathematical concepts by providing numerous opportunities to experience association and 1:1 correspondence. Not only does a child learn name and number recognition, but can actually build and count the numbers with the materials. Students explore the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students also learn geometry, fractions, measurement, and graphing skills. Analyzing data and complex problem-solving strategies are an integral part of this innovative math curriculum.

    Cultural Studies

  1. To bring about an appreciation of nature and the environment
  2. To develop trust and confidence in living creatures
  3. To develop the concept of the different branches of science – life sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences
  4. To show that all living and non-living beings in the universe are interdependent and interrelated to each other
  5. To expand our horizons and bring about cultural literacy
  6. To inculcate an awareness of the world around us
  7. TWith the help of geography materials, distant lands, diverse cultures, and people become a reality. Sensorial explorations of directionality, body awareness, weather, and calendar lay the foundation for geography. Young children are innate explorers, possessing a natural curiosity for the known and the unknown. The study of nature includes the concept of living and non-living and an introduction to the plant and animal kingdom. Science experiments, research, and field trips assist students in pursuing their own interest in cultural subjects.


  1. To refine sensory perceptions
  2. To aid the child in classifying sensorial qualities
  3. To continue the process of self-control through refined movements
  4. To work toward abstract thinking and reasoning
  5. To work toward an extended memory
  6. To build an extended vocabulary
  7. To be a fundamental preparation for all further work in the prepared environment, such as:
    • Extending the work cycle
    • Encouraging work in small groups
    • Preparing indirectly for mathematics, language, and writing
      • Activities in this area sharpen the five senses and help the child become a trained observer. The sensorial materials develop visual and tactile discrimination of different dimensions, color, shape, and form. The most important aspect of this area is the indirect preparation for more advanced skills and concepts in language, math, and science.

    Practical Lifes

  1. Assists a child’s development intellectually, physically, and socially
  2. Assists the child’s adaptation to his/ her culture
  3. Encourages eye-hand coordination, graceful movement of the body (gross motor), and refines fine motor skills (pincer grasp)
  4. Assists the integration of body and mind
  5. Allows a child to experience and develop the concept of a work cycle
  6. Encourages harmony between mind and body
  7. Leads toward independent functioning through the care of self and environment
  8. Is a necessary basis for all creative art, higher learning, effective human relationships, and productive actions
  9. Encourages and develops independence, organization, orderliness, and coordination
  10. Enhances responsibility and problem-solving skills
  11. Practical Life is a fundamental preparation for all further work in math, language, science, and geography in the following ways:
    • Following a sequence of activity
    • Developing and gradually expanding concentration and attention span
    • Practicing self-control, self-discipline, and self-confidence
      • The exercises of Practical Life hold the key to the success of the Montessori program. These simple exercises with attractive and brightly colored objects invite the child to explore and play with them. While actively interacting with the materials, a child refines his/ her fine motor skills, concentration, and coordination increases, and a sense of order and independence develops. This area is also a bridge between home and school; it is a preparation for life. Exercises in pouring, hand washing, polishing, table setting etc. develop skills in self-care and care of the environment.



Deepa Kacharia

Hello! My name is Deepa kacharia. I am a proud mother of 2 teenage boys who always kept me on my toes. I have been working with children for +20 years teaching art, dance and private tutoring. I joined a Montessori school as a substitute and earned my Montessori credential through Montessori institute of education in 2008. Since then, I have been a Montessori teacher. I find a great joy in dancing, travelling and spending time with my family and friends.


Ms Deepa is very kind, friendly and caring teacher. She is very attentive and provides every small detail about our son's progress. Unlike other teachers, she gives valuable guidance and recommends some easy practices to follow at home to teach good habits to our son. We have experienced excellent results of her practices that transformed our son. She also pays very good attention towards child's hidden talents and tries different teaching methods to help child becoming aware of his/her abilities and become self confident. She explains things very nicely and in such a simple way ,our son can easily understand and remember.
- Anagha Lakhote

Our two years of experience with Miss Deepa was excellent. We are very impressed at how Miss Deepa saw the different personalities in my twins. She encouraged them in the strong areas and guided them through their difficult spots. She provided the perfect balance of nurturing environment but ensured that they excel to their potential. My kids love going to school and learning from her , they quote her even during weekends and summer holidays.
- Shanthi Yanamandra

Our little daughter didn't like her first preschool but after we moved and transferred her to Miss Deepa's class she is loving it. She can't wait to get to school now. Miss Deepa is very professional and takes great care of the kids. Kids like her a lot. They do lot of fun and educational activities in her class. She also gives lot of nice activities for homework which our daughter enjoys a lot. She is learning art, language, math concepts, geography. My daughter has become academically advanced and creative after joining her class. Our regular communication with Miss Deepa have been helpful in understanding our daughter's activities and inclinations.
- Naresh and Deepti Joshi

After School Program

  1. Pick up option available from Rosa Parks Elementary
  2. Kids approproriate activities like art/craft, chess, legos, board games
  3. Homework time and help
  4. Healthy snacks offered

January Update


In January, we focused on the season winter as well as enjoyed learning about Artic and Artic Animals. Children were also enlightened about the Martin Luther King JR.

December Update


In December, our theme was “The holidays around the around the world”. Children enjoyed making Christmas art. Pizza party and goodie bags were the highlights of the month.

November Update


In November we focused on learning about names and locations of continents. We celebrated Thanksgiving by reading the book "The First Thanksgiving", watching a small video called "The First Thanksgiving", and enjoying a meal together. The children made cards for their family in which they wrote who they were thankful for!

October Update


The kids had a busy and fun filled October. Studies for this month were animals and autumn. We took a field trip to Remlinger farm, enjoyed Diwali celebration and had a blast at the Halloween costume party.

Open House